Perfect DIY hair accessorie for festivals, concerts, parties, vacations, special events, costumes, raves, sports fan attire, school spirit colors, halloween, Christmas festivities, New Years party hair style.

Finally, hair tinsel shimmers that attach quickly and remove easily: Tape-in Tinsel Extensions are heat resistant, washable, reusable shimmeriing metallic hair highlights that can be treated just like your natural hair:
💖 Instantly attached to any hair, skin, or surface for a minute or a month.  
💖Easy, quick removal
💖Shampoo & heat style

✨We take hair tinsel to a whole new level!
Try them all! - 22 different colors for max 20 inch Hair Length (30+ in is also available)

❤ 10 to 20 strands per inch of shimmering dazzling of tinsel attached all along it.   
Attach all the strips under a light layer of hair for stunning metallic highlights throughout your hair or cut sizes down to 1/4 for each streak.
FUN:  💟 Festivals, events, performers, parties, stylists, celebrities... Everyone adores these easy attach dazzling hair highlights!
EASY: 💥 Add stunning, vibrant metallic highlights anytime, anywhere in seconds. 
NO TYING:  😫 No more tying in one strand at a time!  Stick 5 to 100 strands in at a time!
THEY LAST: 😊 Wear them just for an event or keep them in for months!  Washable and safe with all heat styling tools up to 400°F.  Reuse repeatedly by replacing 2-sided tape.   Order more at FunHairShop.
PROFITABLE:  🤑$$  Hairstylists – you deserve to make $5 a minute... so we made it possible!  Unlike tie-in tinsel, it only takes a minute to place dozens of strands that don’t come out until removed. It's never been easier give your clients their own special sparkle!

To attach for a day:  Cut the tape strip the size you like and stick the pieces along your part under a light layer of hair or anywhere!
For weeks of wear:  Sandwich a light layer of hair between tape strips an