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Insta-Tinsel quick stick sparkling hair tinsel wefts are so easy to stick on and remove without damaging hair!  
This Halloween, holiday, or Festival event add 100 temporary removable bling string fairy hair strands to add dazzling metallic , colored highlights in seconds!
Many women and little girls love wearing them every day for weeks. No problem! They stay in over a month when fused with one-sided hair type. Feel free to swim, heat style.  Treat like your own hair. 
So shine! Wear for a month!  Or a minute.

Stunningly gorgeous for girls night out, festivals, cosplay, salon upsells, princess parties...

No tying! -The easiest, fastest way to  add  removable hair tinsel  glitter strands.
Eight strips, each 1.5".  Enough to go around the whole crown of your head under a light layer of hair.  Cut into smaller pieces or run the weft strip down each side of your part under a light layer of hair.

These silky, shiny, metallic strands are fused onto taped hair extensions. Just stick them on and remove easily with rubbing alcohol or hair healthy oil.  Reuse by attaching new 2-sided hair tape.
DIY metallic temporary hair highlights can be treated just like your natural hair for a minute or a month!

💖 Instantly attach hundreds of bright, shiny strand to hair or skin 
💖Easy, quick removal
💖Shampoo & heat style

Just stick it on under a light layer of hair and fuse with a heat styling tool.
Lasts weeks.
Wash, swim, hot style.
Remove with common rubbing alcohol or any hair healthy oil.
Reuse by attaching two-sided hair tape - optional add-on with your order.
Attach one-sided  hair tape to underside for longer wear.
Full instructions for long and short term wear applications are included.  
😊 Happiness Guarantee!

10 and 30 inch also available at FunHairShop!

10 minute Demonstration/Tutorial video:

 If you want to know every detail, see below.
✨We take hair tinsel to a whole new level!
Try them all! - 22 different colors for max 20 inch Hair Length (30+ in is also available)

❤ The package includes enough for one row around the crown of the head for all-over highlights. 
     Seven  wefts/strips of tinsel extensions.
❤ Over 150 strands!  There are 10 to 20 strands of tinsel attached all along each 1.5 inch strip.  
❤ Attach all the strips under a light layer of hair 
❤ Use for stunning metallic highlights throughout your hair or cut each tape strip into 1/4 for each pieces per streak.

FUN:  💟 Festivals, events, performers, parties, stylists, celebrities... Everyone adores these easy attach dazzling hair highlights!
EASY: 💥 Add stunning, vibrant metallic highlights anytime, anywhere in seconds. 
NO TYING:  😫 No more tying in one strand at a time!  Stick 5 to 100 strands in at a time!
THEY LAST: 😊 Wear them just for an event or keep them in for months!  Washable and safe with all heat styling tools up to 400°F.  Reuse repeatedly by replacing 2-sided tape, which you can add to your order.   Order more at FunHairShop.
PROFITABLE:  🤑$$  Hairstylists – you deserve to make $5 a minute... so we made it possible!  Unlike tie-in tinsel, it only takes a minute to place dozens of strands that don’t come out until removed. It's never been easier give your clients their own special sparkle!



TO ATTACH FOR A DAY:  Stick the pieces along your part under a light layer of hair (or anywhere!).  

FOR WEEKS OF WEAR - 3 options:
1.)  Sandwich a very light layer of hair between a tinsel strip/weft and a strip of one -sided hair tape order on our site.
2.)  Sandwich a very light layer of hair between TWO tinsel strip/wefts. This will give you twice as much tinsel in your hair, so you will need two packages for this method.
3.)  Long lasting streaks:  Cut the tape weft/strip into 3 or 4 small pieces.  Fold strip around a very small twist of hair (either in half, like a taco shell or around it like a burrito wrap), 

*Use only a light layer or small twist of hair to ensure both tapes adhere to each other. 
*FUSE TAPE with a curling iron or a flat iron.

Just use a cotton ball saturated with rubbing alcohol to loosen the adhesion and slide them right out. 
Alternatively, you can use a little hair nutritive oil on the tape adhesion, like coconut, or olive oil to remove them.
Professional stylist might prefer using C22 (with orange oil base) or any other tape in hair extension remover.

Check out more photos at


ONE-sided tape is for the underside, if you choose
TWO-sided tape is for replacing and reusing the strips
Both available on our shop site

OPAL COLOR TINSEL: Please be aware, this color is heat sensitive and will curl with heat

Exclusively by FunHairShop ~ Patented January 2019

Holographic Chocolate Brown

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