Instantly attach brilliant streaks into hair. 

Eight colors:

HoloSparkle silver

HoloSparkle gold

HoloSparkle aqua

HoloSparkle neon pink


Neon pink

Solid Gold

Sterling Silver


 2 steaks of each color.  Each strip is 1/2 inch wide with at least 5-10 tinsels attached.

These are pre-cut, ready to attach pieces of Tape-In Hair Tinsel Extensions.

Each streak has 5-10 dazzling tinsel strands for an eye catching pretty and playful look.  

Wear fo a minute or a month!  

Just stick them on!

Remove eaisily without losing a hair - use a cotton ball saturated with common rubbing alcohol or any hair healthy oil ( olive, coconut, almond, avocado, coconut...) or get professional tape-in hair extension remover which is an orange oil solvent.

Often children do NOT want to take them out - Then fold the small strip of tape around a small strip of hair and flat iron (or curling iron) the tape to fuse it onto hair for weeks!  Swim and shampoo and heat style to 400 degrees.

Quick-Stick Sparkle Streaks - 8 color streaks each


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