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💥We offer you a stylist 20% discount for making women radiate!


Get started offering hair tinsel reinvented! Tons of removable tinsel in minutes.

No more tying or beading like a decade ago. Just stick them on like sticker strips under a light layer of hair and fuse with a hot iron. They are just like tape-in hair extensions.

They last up to 6 weeks with washing and heat styling to 400 degrees when backed with one sided hair tape. You could also use tape in hair extensions or two tape-in tinsel extensions to sandwich a thin layer of hair.


This set includes OUR TOP 10 COLORS, giving you a FULL PACKAGE OF EACH COLOR. TOTAL OF 10 PACKAGES each with 8 weft strips.

Top colors:  Holographic silver, holographic gold, sterling silver, solid gold, holographic berry, neon rainbow, holographic aqua, royal, neon pink, and purple.

(You have the option to substitute out up to 3 of the colors by messaging/emailing me on the site when you put in your order.)


Typically, stylists use one package per client under a lightly of hair .

Each package has 8 standard sized (4cm/1.5inch) strips, which is enough to go around the crown of the head for full, even coverage of over 150 strands of sensational glitzy hair glam!

You can also cut each strip into smaller pieces for 24 sparkling metallic highlight streaks!


Instruction card with clear photos is included. Tutorial video links are on this site as well as YouTube.

All of our handles are @funhairshop - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and gmail.


This set comes in all 20 inch lengths for hair down to mid back.

For hair down to lower back (nearly able to sit on), order 30 inch length set.


Hairstylists, this is an easy way to try out our hot new trend - hair tinsel reinvented the easy way!


Can you imagine TYING in 150 strands? …Never! How about beading in 25 harsh spaghetti streaks?…Not the look they are going for.

🌺Try just sticking on 8 strips of professional salon grade hair tape with over 20+ strands evenly placed along each one. Fuse them on with a flat iron. Heat tolerant for styling up to 400 degrees.

With this instant method, they will last a few days, but you will likely have a client who wants to flaunt them for over a month. No problem, just get the ONE sided hair tape to back them.

Sandwich a light layer of hair between the tinsel strip and the one-sided tab and fuse with a flat iron. Stop as soon as you hear the adhesion bubble.

Typically, they are place as high up as possible near the part without being able to see the tape, that way the tinsel will be most visible.


Want MORE tinsel, just like tape-in hair extensions, you can use two wefts of tinsel to sandwich the hair.

Too MUCH? just trim some of the strands off at the tape end.

OR for small streaks, cut the strips into smaller pieces and use them like a taco shell or burrito (I'm a San Diegan, so I hope you are familiar) around a small twist of hair.


These also can be used with tape-in hair extensions as one side or right on top of the hair extension.

A very kind service (that you can definitely charge for) is that when you take them off, clean them with rubbing alcohol, let them dry, add new TWO-sided hair tape and put them in again.

OR attach them to hair clips as an easier, everyday use. Don't worry; they will still come back to you for another color, and easier long term wear.


Stylist TIP:

Clean, dry hair without hair conditioner or other products around the roots where you will be attaching the tape. Concept- oil based and alcohol based products under the tape help remove the adhesion. You don't want that until it's time.


Remove with professional hair extension remover (offered on our site), rubbing alcohol, or hair healthy oil. peel open the two tabs and saturate with a cotton ball or use a sprayer. Let set. Peel as adhesion turns slick. Take your time so that your client doesn't lose a hair. However, some hairs will have been dropped out of the scalp during the month that they wore them, so they will be loose on the tape.

Salon Stylist Starter Set - 1 of each of the top 10 colors 20% off !

$160.00 Regular Price
$128.00Sale Price
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