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Gen Z teens are bringing back many trendy styles reminiscent of teens and young adults in the mid-2000s. The latest trend to join the list is none other than hair tinsel.

Hair tinsel gained popularity in 2010.  Hair salons stocked up on the tie-in iridescent shimmering strands as an inexpensive way to add dimension and intense highlights to hair.


Hair tinsel shined with popularity, yet faded quickly after just a couple of years because of how painstaking it was to tie in one strand at a time with minimal effect.  Now, with FunHairShop's patented exclusive design girls and women are loving the simplicity of sticking on standard sized weft of tape-in extensions for 150 sparkling strands in minutes - DIY and in salons.

The resurgence in popularity around hair tinsel may have celebrity roots. Kacey Musgraves wore a gorgeous long tinsel ponytail on her 2019 tour, and fans were raving about the new hit style. Saoirse Ronan wore a hair tinsel braid crown to the Governors Awards in November 2019.

Evan Mock manifested his rapid ascent to stardom by adding shimmer.

No matter how the resurgence arose, the trend is soaring among Gen Z, Gen X and even Millennials!


Installing tons of tinsel is easy, cheap, quick and a non-intimidating way to change up your hair, especially at a time when access to salons has been largely cut off. 

The hashtag #hairtinsel has more than 1.6 million video views on TikTok, and some top videos have been liked more than 50,000 times.

Ladies and girls trying their hand at DIY and professional hairstylist have progressed to using crimping beads with several strands in them to add their tinsel.  The effect is harsh streaks in the hair.  Many of the tutorial videos show how-to DIY hair tinsel installation at home using the tie in one strand at a time as well as the bead clamp method.  If you have ever given these methods a try, you will be thrilled with the all over even effect of tape-in tinsel extensions.


The old-fashioned installation of the individual strands is usually done via a slip-knot method. A lengthy piece of shimmering tinsel is folded in half, then tied around an anchor piece of hair. Once the tied piece is secure, it appears as two strands in the hair. It can then be trimmed to match the length of your hair.  All that for only two shiny threads buried in the hair.  You need to tie 100 to get the peekaboo glimmer effects that Insta-tinsel offers  in less than 5 minutes.  

Our tinsel can often be heat styled and washed normally, though it is recommended to use temperatures under 400 degrees. When installed by a professional, high-quality strands last up to 6 weeks when backed by one-sided professional hair tape, which we also offer.

While some beauty retailers sell hair tinsel, it is sold only in packs of shiny threads.  As soon as the packaged is opened, it becomes a nest of tangles. 


We sell our tinsel shimmers in standards sized weft strips on professional hair tape and also on hair clips.  We do not sell the tie-in or clamp-in type of yester year.  Every other brand does though, if you like to tie knots or clamp in harsh streaks in your hair with crimping beads.  Both of these methods cause hair loss and breakage.


Our stick in hair wefts are still budget-friendly and even more so because they can be reused.  Just order two-sided hair tape with your order.

If you want to add some shimmer and shine to your hair, check out all of our stick-on and clip-on hair tinsel options.

silky long, straight hair is in and really highlights the gorgeous shimmering tinsel strands.  Here is an article by Yahoo Life, Real Simple, if you choose to try the new liquid, gloss look:

How to Get Liquid Hair, the Glossy New Hair Trend for Winter

Taylor Jean Stephan

November 18, 2021·3 min read

Move over, beach waves—there's a new hairstyle in town. As temps get cooler, people are trading in their textured curls for a silky new look: liquid hair. A quick scroll on social media shows even celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, and Kim Kardashian are jumping on the liquid hair trend, serving up major holiday party inspo.

Unlike the wet hair trend, liquid hair doesn't actually appear wet. Rather, think ultra-shiny, reflective hair that's full and soft to the touch. Its super-sleek appearance makes it reflect the light like water does (hence the name). The final result rests between stick-straight, flat-ironed strands and a voluminous, salon-quality blowout.

"This is a healthy-looking, elevated version of our straight '90s hair," says Clariss Rubenstein, a celebrity hairstylist who works with names like Olivia Holt, Jennifer Garner, Dakota Fanning, and others. Unlike board-like glass hair, which had a big moment circa 2018, liquid hair is softer. "It's sleek with more movement and flow—the way liquid would pour down from the top of your head," adds celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine.

The glam-casual look that comes just in time for your end-of-the-year festivities, from a dinner date to holiday parties. And here's the best part: Any hair type can try it (yes, even curly types).

Both experts agree that for long-term results, an in-salon keratin treatment is a good option, especially for those with very thick, curly hair. "It's a chemical process to straighten your hair and can really help smooth out the texture and cuticles of unruly strands," says Maine. According to Rubenstein, these treatments tend to fade out after three to six months, so there is a lot of longevity there. "You will still have to blow-dry and flat-iron to get the liquid look, but the result will be healthier, shinier hair with much less effort," she says. Just be sure to consult with your stylist before committing. "It can make hair extremely straight over time, and is known for overdrying the ends if not properly maintained," says Maine.

Introducing InstaTinsel:

Tape-in hair tinsel extensions

At, we believe that every hairstyle deserves a touch of sparkle and fun! That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest patented InstaTinsel hair accessories. Whether you're planning a night out with friends, attending a special holiday event, or simply want to add a bit of flair to your everyday look, InstaTinsel has got you covered!

Shop now and enjoy an exclusive 10% off discount on all InstaTinsel products throughout the month!


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Get started offering hair tinsel reinvented! Tons of removable tinsel in minutes.

No more tying …

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Neon Rainbow - Insta-Tinsel Tape-in Extensions

Holographic Sparkle Gold

Hair tinsel shimmers that attach quickly and remove easily: Tape-in Tinsel Extensions are heat resistant, washable, reusable shimmeriing metallic hair …

Rediscover the Profits of Tinsel

without the hassle!

InstaTinsel fuses in with a flat iron under a light layer of hair and removes easily with common rubbing alcohol, hair healthy oil (olive, argan, coconut etc.) or extension remover. The 8 wefts per head last up to 6 weeks

with washing and heat styling. You can even reuse them!

Browse through our stunning collection and find the perfect hair accessories that match your style and personality.

Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect:


Looking to add a touch of elegance to your hairstyle for the holidays? Our InstaTinsel gold hair clips arecomes in 30 colors- perfect for creating a chic and sophisticated look.

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Want to bring some colorful fun to your hair? Our InstaTinsel Clip-Ins are sure to make a statement for one night events. Store on the lip of a Ziplock bag and you can use them over and over again!

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Why choose InstaTinsel?

Premium Quality: Our InstaTinsel hair accessories are made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting shine. Wash without worry. Heat style up to <400 degrees.

Easy to Use:

All our InstaTinsel products are designed with convenience in mind, making it effortless to add some glamour to your hair.


Stick on the 8 strips under a light layer of hair. If you'd like to fuse them in for 6 weeks, get the sheet of one-sided hair tape to sandwich the hair and fuse with a flat iron.


The 8 clip-in tinsel packages are even easier than that! Just clip them in under a layer of hair.

New: Four colors in a package: 2 gold, 2 silver, 2 neon rainbow, and 2 aqua. 

Great Value:

Nearly 200 strands per package take only minutes to install!


DIY could not be easier or more affordable!


Hairstylist charge a minimum of $10 a weft, giving $100+ add-on to your services - especially for the holidays!


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