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I am Deborah Blair, the creator of Tape-in Tinsel and owner of the FunHairShop.
My delight is to appreciate the unique qualities and personality of everyone I meet.
I believe each person has infinite potential and value - their own Special Sparkle!

I have had the privilege of spending three decades owning entrepreneurial small businesses, while also teaching and inspiring young people to discover and utilize their own potential and start their own businesses. They are my inspiration and I work diligently to be theirs.

As an educator with summers off, I use proceeds from the business to travel and visit the several impoverished children we support through Compassion International. For 35 years, it has been my delight to do whatever I can to help them grow into successful, fulfilled adults. It is my joy to have them live up to their potential, utilize all their talents doing what they love. It is worth working extra to be able to see them smile and know that they are very special.

So enjoy the pretty and playful spirit you radiate when wearing Tape-in Tinsel Extensions any time or all the time! We hope you absolutely love our product and post a review with your radiant photos and mention what makes you Sparkle!