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How to Use

Welcome to the simplest and quickest way to install hair tinsel bling on your own that will stay in and last up to 4 weeks.

We will also teach you how to remove hundreds of these shiny strands in just minutes without damaging your hair!

We are so glad that you chose to add the sparkling radiance of Tape-in Tinsel Extensions to your look. 😊

Our salon-grade, patented Tape-In Hair Tinsel Extensions - These quick-stick sparkle strands will create stunning effects that turn heads!

Basic instructions:

Just attach one piece at a time and stick it on about an inch under your part line.  Fuse on to base of hair with a flat iron or curling iron.

Three methods for longer wear up to 5 weeks:

1- Sandwich a light layer of hair between a strip of one-sided hair tape and a strip of tape-in tinsel at least an inch under the part. Fuse tapes onto hair with flat iron. (one sided hair type is orderable through funhairshop).
3. Lots of tinsel: Use two pieces of tinsel tape to sandwich.

4. Tiny streaks: Cut the tape into three smaller pieces and fold around small twists of hair in a position that will lie flat, under a light layer of hair to cover the tape. Use hot styling tool to fuse the tape onto the hair and to straighten or curl the tinsel. This creates streaks.

If the tinsel is not subtle enough for your tastes, apply lower on your head or clip out the access strands from the tape.

We suggest ordering our one-sided tape which you can use for the under side of  the tinsel weft for sandwiching the hair. However, the basic instructions below do not require it.

To reuse, just order two-sided hair tape from FunHairShop

  🌟 I hand craft the product, lengths for hair up to 60 inches long.   I can do custom mixed colors upon request.

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