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These 8 clip-ins are enough to cover your whole head evenly with over 150 tinsel strands under a light layer of hair. 

Each weft clip has 20+ strands of tinsel!

Our extension clips strongly hold each 1.5 inch fringe strip of radiant shimmer stands.


Perfect DIY hair accessorie for festivals, concerts, parties, vacations, special events, costumes,  raves, sports fan attire, school spirit colors, halloween, Christmas festivities, New Years party hair styles.  


Ideas for storage to avoid tangling:

They remove easily and store by slipping onto an index card or back onto the packaging.  Hang the card you attach them to or roll the tinsel around the card loosly and stor in a ziplock sandwich bag.



Sports fan?  School spirit?  special event? 

If you are wanting multi -colored on each clip, that is definitely possible.  Our loom makes 4 sets at a time.  So for any specific custom color mixes, you would need to purchase 4 packages at a time.  For sports teams and school colors, that should not be a problem, there are plenty of people who whould love to radiate for the cause!

Clip-on Hair Tinsel Extensions

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