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Tape-in Tinsel extensions are metallic hair highlights that can be treated just like your natural hair: 
💖 Instantly attached to any hair, skin, or surface for a minute or a month.  
💖Easy, quick removal
💖Shampoo & heat style

✨We take hair tinsel to a whole new level!
Try them all! - 22 different colors for max 20 inch Hair Length (30+ in is also available)

❤ 10 to 20 strands per inch of shimmering dazzling of tinsel attached all along it.   
Attach all the strips under a light layer of hair for stunning metallic highlights throughout your hair or cut sizes down to 1/4 for each streak.
FUN:  💟 Festivals, events, performers, parties, stylists, celebrities... Everyone adores these easy attach dazzling hair highlights!
EASY: 💥 Add stunning, vibrant metallic highlights anytime, anywhere in seconds. 
NO TYING:  😫 No more tying in one strand at a time!  Stick 5 to 100 strands in at a time!
THEY LAST: 😊 Wear them just for an event or keep them in for months!  Washable and safe with all heat styling tools up to 400°F.  Reuse repeatedly by replacing 2-sided tape.   Order more at FunHairShop.
PROFITABLE:  🤑$$  Hairstylists – you deserve to make $5 a minute... so we made it possible!  Unlike tie-in tinsel, it only takes a minute to place dozens of strands that don’t come out until removed. It's never been easier give your clients their own special sparkle!

To attach for a day:  Cut the tape strip the size you like and stick the pieces along your part under a light layer of hair or anywhere!
For weeks of wear:  Sandwich a light layer of hair between tape strips and use a flat iron to heat-fuse the tape onto the hair.  
Options for sandwiching the hair:  Use two tinsel strips (cut to any size), fold strip around hair, or use one-sided hair tape for one side. Use only a light layer or small twist of hair to ensure both tapes adhere to each other.
To remove:
Just use a cotton ball saturated with rubbing alcohol to loosen the adhesion and slide them right out. 
Alternatively, you can use a little hair nutritive oil on the tape adhesion, like coconut or olive oil to remove them.

🗸 ❤ Easy to attach - remove - and reattach  –   With its patented unique design, you can put in a hundred strands a minute throughout your hair and slide them out any time with ease!  
🗸 ❤Wash, style and iron, as if they were your natural hair!  Stunning, eye catching effects like  you’ve never seen before, quick and easy!
🗸 ❤ Reuse them as many times as you want! – Our patented Tape-in Tinsel Hair Extensions are totally reusable by replacing the 2-sided tape!  Order through FunHairShop 

SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT:  Check out FunHairShop - Share photos on Facebook & Instagram and videos on YouTube!

ONE-sided tape is for the underside, if you choose
TWO-sided tape is for replacing and reusing the strips
Both available on our shop site

Exclusively by FunHairShop ~ Patented January 2019

Ice Pink - Tape-in Tinsel Extensions

  • Please keep our products away from pets and babys.  Do not swallow.

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