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FIVE sheets of ONE sided professional hair extention tape. 

Each sheet has 12 strips that are 1.5long  x 0.3 inch wide, which are the same dimensions as Tape-in Tinsel Extension tape strips as well as tape hair extensions.  60 total strips.

These are very useful and extremely difficult to find.

The most common use is to sandwich a light layer of hair between a tinsel or hair extension weft and a piece of one-sided hair tape. 

In this way, clients can use just one strip of tape-in extension along with a piece of one-sided tape when attaching to the hair for long term use.

When tapes are fused onto hair with a flat or curling iron, they should be secure through washings for a few weeks.

You can use it with a weft/strip of tinsel extension or hair extension.

ONE sided hair tape strips - 5 sheets - 60 total strips

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