12 strips that are 1.5 inches - the same as typical hair extension and tinsel extension wefts.  That's a total of 60 total inches of top quality professional 2 sided (double-sided) hair tape to affix just about anything into your hair!  Each tab is perforated in halves to make application easy. 

Quarter-inch heighth.  Completely clear.  Attached as well to skin or hair.

Waterproof & heatproof to 400 degrees when attached under weft tape.

Perfect for reattaching used tape-in tinsel extensions or regular hair extension wefts.
If you use common 70% alcohol to take them out then just rub a bit more to get the sticky completely off of the one side before you reattach the two-sided tape when dry.

If you use oil or C-22 extension remover to take out your quick stick tinsel extensions, then clean well with soap and water and allowed to dry before attaching the new tape.

Use these double-sided tape tabs to comfortably affix a weft to hair or skin.

To wear a few days:  Attach tape to weft and use like a sticker in your hair,
To wear a few weeks: Attach tape to weft, stick on hair and sandwich with another pre-taped weft, which can be a piece of hair extension, another tinsel extension, or a piece of ONE-sided tape.

Strengthen bond by fusing with a flat iron and press.  (Not when attaching to skin) Typically, when fused, they last a few weeks!